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Ornamental pear tree: care tips

Ornamental pear tree: care tips

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The ornamental or ornamental pear tree is a tree that produces pretty flowers in early spring.

Last name : Pyrus calleryana
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree

: 5 to 10 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : March April

If it produces small brown fruits, they have nothing to do with those of the pear tree and cannot be eaten.

Planting an ornamental pear tree

It is recommended to plant the ornamental pear tree in the fall to promote rooting and therefore recovery.

  • Check out our planting tips.

Ornamental pear tree pruning

A maintenance pruning that aims to balance the tree is sufficient. You can also aerate the center and cut dead wood.

To know about the ornamental pear tree

This willow-leaved pear tree has only pear tree in name, because its fruits have a very bad taste and have nothing to do with the pears we know.

It offers pretty little white flowers at the very beginning of spring at the same time as the beautiful silvery leaves appear.
It grows quickly, requires very little maintenance and limited watering in hot weather, especially at the beginning.

Smart tip about the ornamental pear tree

A mulching light will maintain some moisture during the first few years of growth.

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