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Rediscover real geraniums

Rediscover real geraniums

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No longer confuse geranium and pelargonium. Most of the time, "geraniums" are used to designate plants that actually belong to the genus pelargonium. True geraniums are perennials, which stay put from season to season, hardy and easy-going.

Perennial geraniums form a family full of vitality. The flowers, white, pink, purple or blue, are flat or starry and their petals often veined in a contrasting shade. They appear from May to September, lasting more or less long depending on the species.

The leaves are very decorative, often aromatic, and take on beautiful autumn colors.

Over 300 species of geraniums

There are over 300 species of perennial geraniums, not to mention the varieties. Compact perennial geraniums are suitable for rock gardens and borders, in small gardens. They are also perfect as a planter.

The creeping forms, spread out or carpeting, are planted as ground cover in undergrowth or in a wild garden. Species in large clumps are suitable for decorating flower beds. Most species make excellent shade plants and, once established, are virtually maintenance free.

The keys to success

The perennial geraniums do not like heavy, permanently wet soils. They appreciate fairly compact, rich, well-smoked soils. It is important to prevent the soil from drying out in summer.

The species with great development appreciate any fertile soil, never soggy. Install the small geraniums in humus soil, very draining. In a container, plant them in a mixture of potting soil and light garden soil with the addition of coarse sand.

Good care

Geraniums are virtually maintenance free. Simply remove the wilted flowers as you go. Otherwise, remove the fruiting bodies to avoid invasion (some species can grow excessively).

In late fall, cut back deciduous plants to ground level when the deciduous has wilted. For plants in vats, water once or twice a week during vegetation. Give a little water in the winter if it is dry. Most true geraniums are resistant to -20 ° C!

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