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Silk tree: maintenance, pruning and flowering

Silk tree: maintenance, pruning and flowering

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The silk tree is well known for its beautiful summer flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Albizia julibrissin
Family : FAbaceae
Type : Tree

: 6 to 12 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : June to September

Maintenance and pruning are all actions that contribute to the beautiful flowering and growth of the silk tree.

Planting the silk tree

Regardless, tofall or spring preferably in a sheltered location.

  • In colder regions, prefer a well sheltered and sunny place because it naturally prefers temperate climates.

But if you want a silk tree, choose the variety "summer chocolate" which resists up to -20 ° and whose purple foliage will decorate your garden.

  • In general, it is said that the silk tree is resistant to negative temperatures going down to about -5 °.
  • Find our advice tree planting

Pruning and maintaining the silk tree

The silk tree is a tree very easy because it hardly requires any care.

  • It's in leaving its antlers develop that it will be the most beautiful.
    It naturally takes an umbrella shape which is best not to upset.
  • Remove rejections regularly, these are the shoots that develop at the foot of the tree.

If you have to reduce or balance the antlers.

  • Wait for the end of flowering
  • Try to keep its port as an umbrella.

To know about the silk tree

The pinkish red flowers with egret stamens are particularly prominent and elegant.
The foliage and flowering give a impression of lightness.

This tree is also called for that "silk tree« .
It is also called albizia, acacia or mimosa from Constantinople.

Its beauty justifies planting it in a isolated place in order to take full advantage of all its attractions.

Smart tip about the silk tree

Plant the silk tree in full sun because it loves heat and its flowers will be all the more beautiful!

Photo © Christian Musat

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