Spring bulb flowers are planted in the fall

Spring bulb flowers are planted in the fall

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Would you like to have sparkling magic in the garden in the spring?

So think about it in time and dive into the wonderful world of flower bulbs.

Fall is the perfect time to plant these gems. And it's a great activity to end the garden season.

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An enchanting effect

Flower bulbs give you a feeling of magical happiness. You plant them in the fall, in the winter they are preparing to grow and flower, and in the spring they shine in the garden. The effect of flower bulbs in the garden is enchanting. While all the shrubs and plants are still in hibernation, the colorful flowers herald spring in a magical way. So what are you still waiting for? Live this fairytale scene and crash them now.

Varieties of flower bulbs

Flower bulbs come in all kinds, sizes and colors. The best known are the tulips world renowned. The daffodils, thedaffodils idyllic grape hyacinth blues and crocus are also beautiful. But do you already know the fritillaries magic? Its enchanting burgundy color will make your garden a paradise. And don't forget the botanical tulips romantic and snowdrops who point their noses. They let you immerse yourself in a magical world.

Create memories

Make planting unforgettable. Fall is a wonderful time to get active in nature. You can do it on your own, but even more fun, do it with the kids, friends, or family. Not only will it be a lovely time, but every time you admire the flower bulbs growing, you will think of this pleasant memory. So go ahead together and dig through the fallen leaves to plant these underground diamonds in five steps:

Step 1 :

Remove weeds and small stones and then mix some potting soil into the soil for better drainage.

2nd step :

Dig a hole for a cluster of flower bulbs or small holes for planting only a few bulbs. The size of the bulb determines how deep you will need to plant. Large bulbs (5 cm and more) should be planted 15 cm deep, and small bulbs (2.5 to 5 cm) 7 to 10 cm.

Step 3:

Carefully place the bulbs in the ground with the tip up. Do not push too hard on the bulb, you may damage them. Large bulbs should be planted at a distance of 7-20 centimeters, and small ones 3-7 centimeters.

Step 4:

Cover the bulbs with the soil you took out.

Step 5:

If the soil is dry, sprinkle with a little water.

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