Gardening: trends and novelties

Gardening: trends and novelties

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More comfort in the garden and more greenery in the city: our wishes inspire manufacturers.

Zoom on the products that meet our desires.

Hybrid and battery-powered devices

As on the roads, hybrid vehicles or electric batteries are on the rise in the garden.

Battery mowers impress with their power and their constantly improved autonomy (they can mow up to 800 m2 field), their discretion and ease of use. Compared to petrol mowers, they require no maintenance or winterization and they offer greater freedom of movement than corded ones.

Small devices such as hedge trimmers are also converted to electric or, like the Ryobi edger, become "hybrid", both wired and equipped with a lithium battery, to be adapted according to your needs. gain in autonomy as in covered area.

Comfortable tools

Whether it is a mower, a spade or a shovel, manufacturers have developed the ergonomics of their products.

A real selling point for gardeners in search of comfort, wishing to avoid breaking their backs or getting tired too quickly.

Appliances and tools are designed to adjust to individual sizes with adjustable handles or an adjustable handle.

Thus, in the new Xact range from Fiskars, spades, forks and shovels are equipped with two different handle heights, to be chosen according to the size of their owner.

Everything for gardening in the city

A real trend of recent years, the envy of city dwellers inspires manufacturers.

Stackable pots, tiered planters, squares and tables to fill with soil… Everything is done to help the urban gardener to cultivate mini vegetables and herbs in his yard, on his balcony or on his window sill.

We can no longer count the novelties, both clever and aesthetic - trellises for climbing plants, green walls, planting bags, mini fountains, etc. - intended to vegetate the smallest space.

Specific tools, more compact and lighter, are also appearing. There is even now a soil specially designed for balcony plants, twice as light as a conventional soil and with high water retention (Algoflash).

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