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Acroclinium: superb in dried flowers

Acroclinium: superb in dried flowers

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The acroclinium is a pretty little annual that blooms from summer until the first frost, offering beautiful pink inflorescences with a yellow heart.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Helipterum roseum
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Annual

Height : 30 to 50 cm depending on the species
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rather light and well drained

Flowering : Summer and autumn

Very easy to achieve, it also has the advantage of perfectly standing in a bouquet of dried flowers and thus decorating our interiors in winter.

Here's all about growing acrolinium ...

Acroclinium seedlings

In spring, from mid-March for mild climates and from April in the regions further north

  • Choose a sunny place but not burning.

In summer, you can also plant your acrocliniums purchased in a bucket, but the simplest and most common technique is sowing.

  • After sowing, water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist
  • Once the seedling is well up, you can thin out to ventilate your young plants. This consists of removing the most fragile and too tight plants.

As for theaster, ordinary garden soil mixed with potting soil is ideal because the soil must be well drained

  • Avoid too heavy and too compact soils that retain moisture to the detriment of the plant.
  • To make this a beautiful ground cover, allow around 8-9 feet per square meter.

Maintenance, size of the acroclinium

Very easy to grow, the acroclinium needs verylow maintenance.

You can, if you wish, remove the faded flowers in order to stimulate the appearance of new flowers, but this gesture is not essential.

The acroclinium fears frost and only grows year after year in areas with mild winters. Thus, spontaneous seedlings are not so rare and we see the reappearance in the spring of the flowers that have disappeared during the winter.

To know about the acroclinium

Border plant, massif or rockery, the acroclinium is spectacular from spring to autumn thanks to that generous flowering and which is constantly renewed.

Easy annual, there are a large number of species and varieties that offer beautiful inflorescences in pink and yellow tone.

Also called immortal rose, it gets its name from the fact that it is perfect as a dried flower because it keeps its decorative appearance throughout the winter.

Finally, it should be noted that the acroclinium is one of the easiest flowers to grow but also among the most flowering from spring to autumn.

Smart tip about acrocliniums

The acroclinium dreads the strong summer heat which often cause the development of powdery mildew.

For regions with very hot summers prefer partially shaded corners.

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