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Perennial Alysse: the golden basket

Perennial Alysse: the golden basket

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The so-called Golden Basket or Alyssum saxatile is a plant of great beauty.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Alyssum saxatile
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Perennial

Height : 15 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Summer

There are 2 types of alyssum, one is perennial and blooms in the spring while the other, the fragrant ally is annual and blooms in summer.

Let’s look here at the perennial paralysis, known as the golden basket.

Planting Alyssum saxatile

Often used for borders, rockery and ground cover, the golden basket brings a beautiful decorative touch to the garden.

Well plant the saxatile analysis, basket of gold:

Preferably in the fall to promote rooting, but you can also plant it until spring outside of frost periods.

  • Choose a sunny spot
  • Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm between each foot.

Sow the saxatile analysis well:

To sow the golden basket analysis properly, you have to do it in the spring but after all risk of frost, that is, from May.

  • In sowing from May to June, prefer a sowing in place.
  • If you have sown in a bucket or tray, set up from the fall
  • Prefer a sunny location
  • Make sure the soil is well drained and the water is not stagnant

Choosing a sunny spot is to make sure that they will flower best and their scent will reveal itself the best.

  • Once sown, you will water regularly until emergence and then in hot weather.

Caring for Alyssum saxatile

An easy plant to grow and maintain, Alyssum saxatile or golden basket should not pose any particular problem to you throughout the seasons.

Some things to know about caring for the Golden Basket:

  • Avoid applying too much fertilizer, Alyssum saxatile does not need it to flower well.
  • Water potted plants when the soil is very dry
  • Normally, it is not necessary to water subjects planted in the ground.

This perennial needs water most of all in summer, but you will prefer watering in the evening to prevent premature water evaporation.

Good to know about Alyssum saxatile

As its name suggests, this bushy perennial forms a basket that sprawls across the ground to form a golden yellow carpet.

This ground cover plant has a generous flowering that will perfectly fulfill its role as a ground cover, while providing a very colorful touch.

It is one of the perennials best suited for border and rockery cultivation.

Thanks to its golden yellow flowers, you guarantee a very beautiful effect in your garden.

Smart tip about the basket of gold

A contribution of compost made from manure and algae mixed with your sowing soil (about 20%) will improve the development of the plant as well as its flowering!

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