Belle de nuit: maintenance tips

Belle de nuit: maintenance tips

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The night beauty is a perennial that flowers generously throughout the summer and multiplies easily to the point of sometimes becoming invasive.

But if we control its development well, it is one of the easy-care and very decorative flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Mirabilis
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Type : Perennial, annual

: 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : June to September

Plantation of the beauties by night

April-May for plants purchased in pots or containers.

  • Respect a minimum spacing of about 25/30 cm between each foot.

For the sowing of night beauties,

  • Sowing under shelter from March and set up in May.
  • Or, sow directly in place from the month of may

Size, maintenance of the night beauty

No pruning is really necessary, but removing faded flowers as you go will help new flowers appear.

Although quite invasive, the night beauty reseeds itself on its own but its development can easily be controlled by removing the feet as soon as they appear.

To know about the night beauty

This pretty perennial with funnel-shaped flowers owes its name to its peculiarity of blooming in the evening and wilting the next morning. It is also called "Four hours", "Sad grass" or Wonder of Peru

It is therefore the opposite of beautiful day

Its colors range from red and white to pink and yellow and will look all the better if you feed them an organic perennial fertilizer in early spring.

Finally, it is an ideal plant for a wild-looking garden.

Smart tip for the night beauty

If you plant directly in the spring, mix your garden soil with a special soil for flowering plants, this improves the soil and therefore the development of your plants!

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