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A very classy infinity pool

A very classy infinity pool

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This magnificent Diffazur Piscine infinity pool won the Gold trophy in the family free-form pool category. This prize rewards the realization of a free-form swimming pool intended for family use.


Product description :

Free form with overflow; 360 ° sea view and integrated automatic cleaning.

  • Dimensions: 10m x 5m x 3.50m
  • Materials: gunite
  • Special technical characteristics: Depth 1m to 1.60m, filtration 22m3 / h
  • Coating: Imperial HPM white
  • Beaches: wood
  • Copings: wood
  • Options: diffaclean, diffapur, overflow, heat pump

Video: FlowerMound Infinity Pool with WaterWheel FlyBy (July 2022).


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